The World Cup 2024 recap: memories of a lifetime!

The good part of football isn’t always winning. Although it’s a great feeling, sometimes you live moments and experiences of a lifetime just participating in it. No matter how this World Cup 2024 was, we can assure that our Aussies had the best time of their lives in Barcelona, Spain. 

After a long trip, our mates selected from our Australian camps landed in the city. The first day of an amazing experience. They received their uniforms and had some team building activities, such as playing games and getting to know each other.

Day 2 began and so the training sessions. Before, we had our opening ceremony, with the presentation of the teams that defended the Barça Academy Australia. The welcome party was great and the guys were amazed with the show of Javi Freestyle, a masterclass of juggling the ball. Our Aussies also received a present that they will keep like a treasure: a Barça t-shirt that, based on their reactions, didn’t expect and made their day. 

After those emotions, it was time to get serious and start playing the sport we love with friendly matches to be as ready as possible for the World Cup tournament. After a presentation at Johan Cruyff’s stadium, where our president Joan Laporta welcomed all the teams coming around the world, the stage was set. The players began their matches and we saw lots of goals and celebrated some victories. 

As said, the main thing of this experience is that the players and supporters had the best time of their lives. Got to know the city and our wonderful club, with the Barça Immersive Tour, the Sagrada Familia (one of the best landmarks in the city) and a City tour. Players and supporters could taste the fabulous Barcelona weather and its unparalleled array of fresh produce in the local markets. The families also visited ‘Futbolmania’, the number one football store in Barcelona. 

Between games and training sessions, the players continued to maximize their experience in Barcelona with a morning full of fun as they went kart racing, bowling and playing laser tag. Meanwhile, the supporters got the chance to shop at La Roca Village, an outlet with products of the best clothing brands. 

The last day arrived and it was time to say goodbye to our aussies. But before that, the players did the last training session and played games with the new friends made during these nine fantastic days. With the closing ceremony we said goodbye to our players, but we will see them very soon. Remember we have our camps starting this Monday, April 8. Can’t wait to add some more exotic and wonderful memories! See you soon and thank you for being part of the Barça Academy Australia family. 

Visca el Barça! 💙❤️

In the following link you can enjoy the best fotos of this amazing days

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Do you want to be part of Barça Academy?
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