1.- That I authorize the participation of the Minor in the activities organized in the Football Camps, including tournaments or any other activity (the “Activities”).

2.- That I have been duly informed by the organizer that during the Activities, to be held both inside and/or outside its facilities, the organizer itself or third parties with its authorization will be able to record, file, make photographic, audiovisual and/or sound recordings.

3.- That I hereby accept and authorize the organizer to record the image of the Minor (including image, voice and name), and to authorize third parties to record such image, through any audio, photographic and/or audiovisual medium, while they are attending, participating in and/or watching the Activities.

4.- That I give my voluntary consent and, therefore, I expressly authorize the organizer to use it for its own purposes or through transfers to third parties, around the world and for an indefinite period, all or part of the contents recorded or captured during the Activities of the Football Camps, including tournaments (whether directly by the organizer or by third parties with its authorization), in which the image, name and/or voice of the Minor appears, either individually or collectively, for advertising, promotional and informative purposes of the Football Camps and, in particular, including among others (for illustrative and not limitative purposes), the  divulgation through internet (websites, social networks, and others), TV, exhibition and public communication in exhibitions or museums, media, as well as to promote the activities of any third parties.

5.- By way of example, and not limited to, I authorize the organizer to use, disseminate and publicly communicate the images obtained during the Activities in which the Minor may appear, and transfer them to third parties, through any medium, whether in physical and/or digital format, as well as for its use, reproduction, divulgation and public communication and, in general, for any activity through any medium or channel (offline and online, including, among other things, websites, social networks, etc.), be they owned by the organizer or third parties for the purposes set forth in point 4 above.

6.- I hereby authorize to the organizer to transfer to Futbol Club Barcelona (“FC BARCELONA” or “Club”) the images in which the MINOR appears, so that the Club can use them for the promotion of its own activities through the same supports and mediums and in the same terms and conditions indicated above, and for the same purposes, both directly or through any third authorized party.

7.- I accept that this authorization and the right for use and exploit derived from the same are free of charge, so I expressly waive to any compensation arising from the transfer of the rights set forth herein, and I agree not to claim any remuneration, payment, fee and/or compensation in the future.

8.- That I acknowledge and accept that, in the event that any third party, to which the organizer or the Club have delivered the contents referred to herein in which the image of the Minor appears for its public dissemination and/or communication, violates the terms of this authorization, it will be liable for any type of compensation, sanctions and expenses arising from possible claims that may be made by the signee for negligence and/or misuse, which may violate the integrity, dignity, honor and image of the Minor. Therefore, I hold the organizer and the Club harmless from any liability for all purposes for any type of use made by a third party external to FC BARCELONA, that is contrary to or different from the terms set forth in this document.

9.- That I acknowledge and accept that the media, files, content and advertising and promotional assets here referred to in which the image of the Minor may appear are and will be owned by the organizer.

10.- That I authorize the incorporation of the aforementioned data to an automated file for which the responsible party is the organizer, which is to be considered confidential, and therefore, will be used and processed in accordance with current regulations on personal data protection, in order to manage the transferred rights, and send information about the activity of the Football Camps and the corresponding tournaments. Likewise, I am hereby informed that I can exercise the rights of access, rectification, opposition, cancellation, limitation and portability of the processing of the Minor’s data by the organizer by sending an e-mail to I authorize the organizer to keep the Minor’s data as long as I have not communicated my desire for the organizer to stop doing so. The organizer has informed me of my right to claim before the competent controlling authority.

Download here the PDF to print and sign by parents. It must be sent to or summited on the first day of the activity.


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